About Psychodrama

Psychodrama is the drama of the soul; it is the theatre of truth. It is a general term that refers to any approach that expresses the philosophy and methods developed by Dr J.L. Moreno. Thus the term psychodrama includes the concepts of spontaneity, creativity, role creation, role system, social and cultural atom, surplus reality, social atom repair, and the specific psychodramatic techniques of self-presentation, mirroring, doubling, role reversal, concretisation, maximisation and future projection.

The generic term psychodrama includes classical psychodrama, sociodrama, sociometry, role training and spontaneity training.

Psychodrama Method

The psychodramatic method is based on the idea of highly motivated human beings acting on the aspirations and deepest concerns of the society or subculture or small group in which they live.

Psychodrama Training

AANZPA accredited Training Institutes provide training toward certification as a Psychodramatist, Sociodramatist, Sociometrist or Role Trainer.


Psychodrama is a profound way to look at life in all its complexity and chaos.


Sociodrama is the application of the methods to address social and group issues.


Sociometry is a methodology for stimulating, exploring and measuring interpersonal relations.

Role Training

Role Training applies the principles of role theory  to bring about the development of human functioning.